Metro G

Optical sheet counter for corrugated board up to 1.800/2.400 mm stack height

The METRO G consists of an innovative monocoque frame with panels on each side. In the monocoque frame a linear axis with a hightech sensorhead is mounted that scans the stack. A large touch screen can be positioned on 3 sides of the counter at different heights for optimal ergonomics.

After the complete scan of the stack, sophisticated image processing software counts the sheets, recognising pallets automatically, detecting possible air between the sheets, upstanding bottom sheets or gaps due to warp.

The METRO sheet counter can be completely integrated into your packaging line and operates fully automatic. Data communication assures that the counting result is stored in your plant management system for invoicing and tracking and tracing purposes. Optionally, a camsave solution can be installed for saving actual pictures of each pallet in database for tracking and tracing purposes.

Additional Info

  • Board caliper: Micro flutes-AAA flute
  • Stackheight: 400-1800/2400 mm
  • Focus range: 340-640 mm
  • Focus range MCS: 640-1.640 mm
  • Accuracy: > 99,5%
  • Cyclus time: < 10,5 sec
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