Printing & Packaging Plants

Printing & Packaging Plants

In the competitive market of offset printers and packaging plants, paper is a considerable part of your material costs.

Sustainability of the value chain and the increasing demand for being more efficient and green, requires the printer and packaging plant to control their consumption of resources better than ever before.

The demand for sheet based delivery and invoicing is for you of the highest importance to run a longterm sustainable and profitable business. By counting the amount of sheets that you have, you guarantee that you have accurate knowledge of the amount of sheets coming into you warehouse and the amount of sheets going out.

The Function Control P7 sheet counter is developed for these purposes. The P7 can be used for counting the total amount of sheets in a stack, for order picking a just-in-quantity amount of sheets from a stack, or for counting stacks that come back from your printing department. The P7 can also be used for counting stacks that go out to partner companies for laminating or other value adding processes.

The P7M sheet counter and marker can additionally mark a pre-defined target quantity in a stack for de-stacking purposes.


The P7 is a stand alone optical sheet counter for the printing industry, paper merchants and carton converters

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