Fine paper mills

Fine paper mills

The METRO 6M and 6RM robots improve the service quality and efficiency in the finishing department of the paper mill by counting the amount of sheets in the skid and marking reams in the preferred ream quantity.

For you, as a high quality fine paper supplier, accurate sheet deliveries to customers are important. The Function Control systems for fine paper are able to count even the thinnest paper calipers accurately. You are able to store the delivered amount of sheets with other data in your customer database for tracking and tracing reasons, knowing exactly how many sheets you have delivered.

Additionally, with Function Control laser marking systems on the METRO 6M and 6RM, you can mark the reams on the stack without touching it or inserting tabs. Laser marking gives you the advantage of permanent ream markings rather than removable tabs and they give no impression on the paper edges.

Laser ream marking is clean, smooth and quick.

For reamwrapping machines with a destacking system, Function Control offers the D3 camera for accurate destacking of reams.


Linear system for counting and marking 1 side of the skid

6 axis robot system for counting and ream marking multiple sides of the skid

Camera system for de-stacking robots before reamwrappers

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